Wok and Roll: Cooking with a Wok

If you are into cooking, you have surely come across a wok at some point. This versatile cooking vessel has been an integral part of Chinese cooking for centuries, and it’s not hard to see why. The wok’s unique design allows for quick, hot cooking that can turn out some amazing dishes in no time. In this article, we will take a closer look at what a wok is, how it should be used, and some tips for cooking with a wok.

What is a Wok?

A wok is a round-bottomed cooking vessel that originated in China. Traditionally made from cast iron or carbon steel, a wok has a wide, bowl-like shape with steep sides and a small flat bottom. This design allows for even distribution of heat and a large surface area to cook on.

Types of Woks

There are several types of woks available in the market, and each has its own features and benefits. Here are some of the most common types of woks:

  • Carbon Steel Wok: A carbon steel wok is the classic wok that’s been used for centuries in Chinese cooking. It’s lightweight, durable, and heats up quickly. Carbon steel woks are perfect for stir-frying and other quick-cooking methods.

  • Cast Iron Wok: A cast iron wok is heavier than a carbon steel wok and takes longer to heat up. However, once it’s hot, it holds the heat well, making it ideal for cooking dishes that require longer cooking times. Cast iron woks also have a natural non-stick surface that makes cleaning easier.

  • Non-Stick Wok: A non-stick wok is made from a variety of materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, or carbon steel, with a non-stick coating. Non-stick woks are easy to clean and require less oil for cooking. However, they are not suitable for high-heat cooking methods.

  • Electric Wok: An electric wok is a convenient option for cooking without a gas stove. It’s easy to use and can be set to different temperature settings. However, it’s not as versatile as a traditional wok.

How to Use a Wok

Using a wok requires a bit of technique, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to churn out some amazing dishes. Here are some basic steps for using a wok:

  1. Season the Wok: Before using a new wok, it’s important to season it to create a non-stick surface. To do this, heat the wok on high heat and add a small amount of oil. Move the oil around the surface of the wok, then let it cool. Once it has cooled, wipe away any excess oil.

  2. Prep the Ingredients: Cut all your ingredients into bite-sized pieces and have them ready to go.

  3. Heat the Wok: Heat the wok on high heat until it starts to smoke. Add a small amount of oil and let it heat up for a few seconds.

  4. Add the Ingredients: Add the ingredients to the wok in stages, starting with the ingredients that take the longest to cook. Use a spatula to toss the ingredients around the wok, making sure they are evenly coated in oil.

  5. Cook the Ingredients: Continue to cook the ingredients, tossing them around the wok, until they are cooked through.

  6. Finish the Dish: Once the ingredients are cooked, remove them from the wok and add any finishing sauces or seasonings.

Tips for Cooking with a Wok

Now that you know the basics of using a wok, here are some tips to take your wok cooking to the next level:

  • Cook on High Heat: To get the best results with a wok, you need to cook on high heat. This ensures that the ingredients are cooked quickly and retain their natural flavors and textures.

  • Prep Ingredients Ahead of Time: Since a wok requires quick cooking, it’s important to have all your ingredients prepped ahead of time. This allows you to add ingredients to the wok quickly, without having to stop and prepare anything.

  • Don’t Overcrowd the Wok: Overcrowding the wok can cause the ingredients to steam instead of searing, which can result in a soggy dish. Cook in small batches if necessary.

  • Invest in a Wok Ring: If you have a gas stove, investing in a wok ring can be a game-changer. It stabilizes the wok and allows for even heating.

  • Experiment with Different Ingredients: Don’t be afraid to get creative with your wok cooking. Try different meats, vegetables, and sauces to create unique and delicious dishes.


Cooking with a wok can seem daunting at first, but with practice and some basic techniques, it can become a fun and rewarding experience. Whether you’re stir-frying, steaming, or deep-frying, a wok can help you achieve delicious results in no time. So, go ahead and wok and roll your way to some amazing meals!

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